Tomas Diez from Fab Lab Barcelona

Tomas Diez is currently Project Manager of the Digital Fabrication Laboratory “Fab Lab Barcelona”, located at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona, Spain

Bachelor of Urban Planning and Sociology from the Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas - Venezuela. Master in Advanced Architecture offered by IaaC. Graduate on Social Organization program offered by the University of Havana - Cuba. Diploma on Digital Fabrication by Fab Academy Program (How to Make Almost Anything) offered by the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms. Permanent tutor of the Fab Academy Diploma in Barcelona. Fab Academy program coordinator, offered by the worldwide network of Fab Labs

He has participated in social and technological projects in Latin America and Europe, such as rehabilitation plans for marginal areas of Caracas, digital manufacturing installation Hyper-habitat for the XI Venice Architecture Biennale, the digital manufacturing to the Fab Lab House the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010. Is Co-Director of the program Fab Labs and Informalism, an international research program that pursues the relation between the personal fabrication and the immediate production of reality.

He investigates the use of digital fabrication tools to transform reality, and the search for a more fluid language between machines and humans. Relates the conscious and unconscious actions of human beings with the production of reality.